'...do you have any idea what it was like for me? People wouldn’t meet my eyes on the street.'
Faye finds herself in hospital after a breakdown. One day, a visitor appears in her room, reopening old wounds and threatening her road to recovery. An exploration of the credibility we give to mental health sufferers, and what stories we choose to believe.
Faye - Yazmin Kayani
Connor - Leyon Stolz-Hunter
Directed by Joseph Winer​​​​​​​
'Scar Tissue' was performed as part of the scratch night 'Scratch at the Jack', an emerging writer's night. For more information, please go to: 
Joseph Winer - Director
Joseph is a London-based writer, director and drama facilitator. He has previously worked on youth and community projects with the Old Vic, Watford Palace Theatre and Shakespeare’s Globe and is a member of the National Youth Theatre. For Queen Mary Theatre Company, he has written Romeo & Lady Capulet and Stealth, and directed Tom Basden’s Party and Euripides’ Medea. He also co-created the immersive installation performance i am the man? as part of the company’s Shakespeare Festival 2018. 

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