'Impeccable and profound...possessing a raw significance' **** 
- The Theatre Reviewer
'Quietly compelling...Blakelock's writing is lively and frank' 
- The Stage
'Poignant...Written with an open heart and open mind' 
- The Guardian
'Robyn Wilson ripples with emotional honesty' 
- Spy in the Stalls
'A touching play, powerfully performed' 
- Fairy Powered Productions
Photo credit: Will Alder
'My best friend Meg actually lost it last week, to her boyfriend Amir.
Apparently he lit candles.
Magical, was the word she used.'
Alice would give anything for something magical to happen to her. But she’s shy, has no idea how to contour and the last thing she loved was a roast potato.
She feels ordinary. Unremarkable. Unpopular.
Until Jamie from Maths messages her.
Finally, something is about to happen to Alice.
Something big. Something she won’t ever forget. Something she never expected.
And the whole school knows.
Easy is a powerful new play by Amy Blakelock, exploring what happens when we combine social media, love island ideals, Snapchat and teenage insecurity. An intimate portrait of adolescence today, Easy asks us – why is it so hard to believe we’re good enough as we are?
Easy was developed in consultation with teachers and teenagers. 
Free RSE workshops ran after selected shows for schools and youth groups. Workshops were facilitated by Sian Rowland, supported by the leading UK sexual health charity Brook.
Photo credit: Will Alder
Photo credit: Will Alder
Photo credit: Will Alder
Photo credit: Will Alder
'Easy' ran from 5 - 23rd November at the Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell. 
Performed by Robyn Wilson 
Writer  Amy Blakelock 
Director  Hannah de Ville
Producer  Laura Furner
Set and Costume Designer  Verity Johnson 
Lighting Designer   Dan Saggars
Composer / Sound Designer   Anna Clock
Rehearsal photography and production photography by Will Alder

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